What is Yoga Mudrasana

What is Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose) and its Benefits?

What is Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose) and its Benefits? Yoga Mudrasana or Psychic Union Pose is a deep forward bend. Asanas are a great way to improve the body and muscles, but the best one is Yoga Mudrasana, which comes with some additional benefits. Yoga Mudrasana is known as one of the best poses for anti-aging because it reduces wrinkles and helps the practitioner feel and look younger. The Yoga Mudrasana is especially useful for awakening Kundalini.

“Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy too.”

― Yogi Bhajan

What is Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)

Yoga Mudrasana is a Sanskrit word, that made up of three words- Yoga, Mudra, and asana, which means are as follows:

  • Yoga – awareness or to unite
  • Mudra – seal or gesture or mark
  • Asana – pose or posture

Thus, Yoga Mudrasana Symbolic meaning is the “seal of awareness”, hence is often called the Yoga Seal Pose in English. Yoga Mudrasana is also called Psychic Union Pose. It is believed that this pose stimulates the flow of mental energy in the body and thus the name ‘Psychic Union Pose’. In Yoga Mudrasana, crossing the hands behind the back allows you to expand the chest and improve the range of motion in your shoulders. Experts believe, Yoga Mudrasana increases digestion power, relieves constipation, and improves peristaltic activity. In the culture of asana, the Yoga Mudrasana is the symbol of yoga. A successful Yoga Mudrasana requires good stability and flexibility of the knees, ankles, and hip joints. Let’s move towards the benefits, steps, precautions, and variations of Yoga Mudrasana:

Benefits of Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)

The Benefits of Yoga Mudrasana or Psychic Union Pose are numerous, it promotes physical, mental, and spiritual awareness. The regular practice of Yoga Mudrasana has many physical and mental benefits, which are listed below as follows:

  • Promotes Digestive Health
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Spiritual Benefits
  • Prevent Lungs
  • Calms Mind
  • Tones Internal Organs
  • Strengthens Muscles

Here, we discuss how we get these benefits by practicing Yoga Mudrasana are as follows:

  • Promotes Digestive Health

Yoga Mudrasana helps to relieve constipation and improve digestion by massaging the abdominal organs. It is an excellent pose for the abdominal organs, as it helps with constipation, reduces gas in the stomach, and improves digestion.

  • Reduce Stress

By tilting your head down in Yoga Mudrasana, you are bringing fresh blood to your brain and alleviating anxiety, stress, and mild depression.

  • Increase Flexibility

Yoga Mudrasana increases the flexibility of the spine by stretching and expanding it.

  • Spiritual Benefits

By focusing on the Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipur Chakra, Yoga Mudrasana provides spiritual awareness. It helps one to advance in the yogic path.

  • Prevent Lungs

Regular practice of Yoga Mudra Asana can help to prevent lung problems such as asthma.

  • Calms Mind

Yoga Mudrasana is the best yoga posture for calming the mind by increasing blood supply to the brain.

  • Tones Internal Organs

Through Yoga Mudrasana, the internal organs of the abdomen, such as the liver, kidney, pancreas, and adrenal glands, are toned up. By the way, this improves their function as well.

  • Strengthens Muscles

During Yoga Mudrasana, you stretch your hips, thighs, knees, ankles, abdomen, shoulders, arms, and upper chest. Thus, it strengthens the flexibility and mobility around those joints and muscles.

How to Do Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)

How to do Yoga Mudrasana or Psychic Union Pose includes beginner tips, preparatory poses, step-by-step procedures, follow-up poses, and variations. So let’s start with beginner tips:

Beginner’s Tips for Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)

If you are new to Yoga, here are some of the beginner’s tips you should know before starting Yoga Mudrasana:

  • Yoga Mudrasana is an Advance Pose. So, you may find it difficult to touch the floor with your forehead, but keep trying. It will become easier within a week.
  • Practice this asana safely and do not overstretch.

Preparatory Poses for Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)

Practicing Yoga Mudrasana requires some preparatory poses to get flexibility in your leg joints, hip joints, arm joints, and shoulder joints, which help to perform it. Here is the list of some asanas you can perform before Yoga Mudrasana are as follows:

  • Matsyasana – Fish Pose
  • Janu Sirsasana – Head-to-Knee Pose
  • Sukhasana – Easy Pose
  • Ardha Padmasana – Half Lotus

Step-By-Step Procedure for Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)

Now, here is the step by step procedure to perform Yoga Mudrasana correctly, so here we start as follows:

  1. Sit straight in Lotus Posture.
  2. Put your hands behind your back and grab one wrist of your other hand.
  3. Breathe normally: slowly close your eyes.
  4. Inhale deeply- Exhaling slowly: bend forward.
  5. Try to touch the ground with your forehead.
  6. Keep your spine straight.
  7. Breathe normally: Keep this position as long as you can.
  8. Inhale slowly: Come back to the sitting position.
  9. Now, Release the hands then, slowly release Lotus Posture too.
  10. Again, sit in Lotus Posture by crossing the opposite leg. This time hold the opposite wrist with the opposite hand.
  11. Repeat steps 3 to 9.

Duration: In the beginning, one or two minutes on each side is sufficient. Gradually you can increase the time up to five minutes on each side.

Follow-Up Poses for Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)

Yoga Mudrasana, as we have already seen, is a forward bending asana, so it must be followed up by a backward bending asanas like is listed below as follows:

  • Bhujangasana – Cobra posture
  • Dhanurasana – Bow Pose
  • Makarasana – Crocodile Pose
  • Chakrasana – Wheel Pose

Precautions and Contraindication for Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)

Below is the list of some precautions and contraindications you should keep in mind while practicing Yoga Mudrasana are as follows:

  • Yoga Mudrasana should not be practiced by people with injuries to the shoulders, neck, hips, knees, ankles, and pelvic girdle.
  • Yoga Mudrasana is not recommended during menstruation or after childbirth.
  • People with high blood pressure or cardiac ailments should avoid practicing Yoga Mudrasana.
  • People with surgery of internal organs, also with the recovery process, avoid practicing Yoga Mudrasana.
  • People with back problems related to injury, surgery, or pain should avoid practicing Yoga Mudrasana.

Variations of Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)

Variation 1: Put your hands in Anjali Mudra or Namaste gesture behind your back. Then, perform Yoga Mudrasana with a namaste pose. To achieve this, you must have good joint flexibility in the shoulder joints, so first, try practicing simpler poses to increase your flexibility.

Variation 2: Sit in Bound Lotus Pose. Then, perform Yoga Mudrasana in Bound Lotus Pose. It would only be possible for those with expertise in the recent two poses.

What is the meaning of Yoga Mudrasana?

Yoga Mudrasana is a deep forward bend, that greatly reduces the signs of aging since it helps practitioners to look and feel younger.

What is the benefit of Yoga Mudrasana?

The benefits of Yoga Mudrasana or Psychic Union Pose are numerous. As it massages the abdominal organs, it relieves constipation and improves digestion. It also opens up and stretches the spine, relieving the pain and increasing the spinal’s flexibility.

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