Ayurvedic treatment of Sinusitis

Did you catch cold? Are you suffering from persistent cough and sneeze? Are you having allergic irritation? Do you think you should now see the doctor? If the common cold medication is not working with you, body pain and allergy is not going, and you are experiencing difficulties, then the chances are – you have become a victim of sinusitis. You may have different options of sinusitis treatment – allopathic, homeopathic or ayurvedic. We suggest you ayurvedic medications because there are no side effects in ayurvedic medicines and you will get rid of sinus infection quiet comfortably. Here are a few of them: Anu Oil: You will find a special oil named ‘Anu’ in ayurvedic medicine store. This oil has proved highly effective for the treatment of sinusitis. It is known to reduce congestion and is very effective when applied on nose. You may constantly sneeze after its application, but don’t stop its use because sinusitis will go away after regular use for a few days. Khadiradi Vati: Ayurveda doctor may recommend you Khadiradi Vati (tablet) in sinus infection; this is to reduce the burning sensation and irritation. Eboney Guggul and Wyoshadi tablets can also be used for the same purpose. Chyavanaprash: Chyavanprash that is manufactured using various herbal medicines, is used as common medicine of sinusitis. This can also be used regularly on daily basis and useful for all groups of people whether with sinus infection or normal. Chyavanprash relieves body pain. Also used Laxmi Vilas asbestos juice. Chitrak Harikati: Ayurveda doctors generally instruct the patients to take Chitrak Harikati continuously – two teaspoon with milk each day – to cure sinus infection. Jivandhara: Jivandhara is a mixture of camphor and menthol – mix jivandhara in boiled water while you take evaporation. To get rid of sinusitis, please take evaporation mixing Jivandhara in the boiled water twice daily at least for one week; you will definitely feel far better – the swelled sinus will gradually get cured. Your sinusitis may be the result of low immunity system. To gain immunity, we should excrete the toxins from our body. You can do this by drinking at least 4-6 litres of water each day. Alongside, drinking peppermint tea, with cloves and ginger added on it provide you additional comfort. Mix turmeric, pepper, fennel, cumin, coriander, ginger and garlic while preparing vegetables in your lunch and dinner. Sinusitis can be overcome through a good and well maintained diet. When a child, we were told not to drink milk, take curd or banana during common cold because the sinuses may swell. Oh, yes! The sinuses may swell but I can’t give up banana and milk – No No! My sister who is a nurse says, curd may be cold enough and result to swelling of sinuses but not necessarily. Until you have sinusitis, don’t give up eating anything. Mom used to say, ‘Baryo ki haryo’ (one who fears will fail). I am ready to follow all those ayurveda prescriptions but not give up banana and milk,

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