Be careful of a lump

Be careful of a lump in any part of the body

We must consider any kind of lump or neoplasia seriously because it is abnormal symptom be it wherever in the body. These lumps can be indication of pus, tuberculosis, or even cancer. Cancer may show symptoms like lumps, non-recoverable blister and unusual internal and external bleeding. But every lump in the body are not necessarily symptoms of cancer. Most cancer-free lumps usually come from ordinary treatable illness but we should still be careful about this. Early check-up and diagnosis of these types of lumps is crucial for its early treatment so there be no complication. Following are the medical remedies for any kind of lump in our body. It is even beneficial in cancer. First, buy these two herbs from grocery or ayurveda drug store: Bauhinia bark & Gorkmundi. These herbs can be found in drug store but Bauhinia bark is more beneficial if we use it fresh. The best thing is Bauhinia tree (sc. n. - Bauhinia Purpurea) is easily available. The tree can be identified easily – just check for leaves that are cut from the tip. Take bark of the branch, it means trunk. The trunk/branch bark should be 1 to 2 inch thick, neither less nor more. Gorakhmundi plant is not found easily, buy from the herb store/seller or grocery.

How to use ayurvedic medications to treat lump in the body?

Grind 25-30 grams of fresh bark of Bauhinia (or 15 grams of dry bark); don’t make powder. Boil in one glass of water. After it boils for two minutes, add one spoonful of Gorkmundi (thick ground or brewed) and let it boil for next one minute. Filter, let it cool till lukewarm and drink. This will be bitter but miraculous. It helps in all kind of lumps- may be enlarged prostate, lump in thigh, lump in the throat, or lump in underarm, lump in the uterus, lumps in the woman's breasts or in men’s, be it tonsils, or increased thyroid gland (Goiter) or LIPOMA (lumps of fat) it is of course beneficial. It never fails. Take 2 twice a day and regularly for a longer time for maximum benefit. Note: Do not be disappointed if you don’t see and changes in 20-25 day; cure is not magical, it takes time but certainly works.