Causes and Cure for Kidney pain and swelling

Causes and Cure for Kidney pain and swelling

Confusions in stomach, contaminated food and excessive intake of acidic food is bad for health. This causes swelling of kidney. Doctors say that swelling of kidney is caused by increase in alkaline element in kidney. Pain is the result. When blood is not properly filtered by the kidney, there is low water excreted in the form of urine. As a result, urinary track could not be clear and small particles of different materials begin to excrete with urine. This results to kidney inflammation; fever that does not go. Indication is the pain while urinating. Sometimes there are short pauses while urinating. There can be back pain and symptoms like uneasiness, stinky smell in urine, different particles excrete through urine, headache, uneasiness, body pain etc. can be observed.

Cure/Treatment for Kidney pain and Swelling

Take a tablespoon of triphala powder with hot water before going to bed regularly for a few days. This cures inflammation of the kidneys.

Boil 50 gram of hog in two cups of water until the quantity becomes half. Filter the water and drink twice a day, this is beneficial in inflammation of the kidneys.

Grind 50 gram of vine leaves mixed with water; add a pinch of rock salt and feed it to the patient, this is highly beneficial to patient suffering from kidney pain.

Dry 20 gram basil leaves , 20 gram thyme, 10 grams of rock salt in the shade and turn them into pseudo-grinding powder. Feed 2 gram of the powder in warm water each morning and evening to a kidney patient. Swelling of the kidney will subside.

Drink greater amounts of pure water. Kidney patient should be given water which is boiled ad filtered.

Feed barley, Parwal, bitter gourd, beans and horseradish. Additionally, coconut water, sugarcane juice, berries and watermelon are particularly beneficial.

Be careful of the following to cure Kidney pain and swelling

Salt intake should be totally banned. Do not use meat, fish, poultry, tobacco, bidis, cigarettes and alcohol. Do not take yogurt, yogurt products, tomatoes, sour lemon, etc. Use of these things may cause harm to the patient. Stay away from drug.