Veerasana – veer (hero) and asana (pose) form the word reflecting a warrior in attack position. You can also call it warrior pose. The practitioner looks like s/he is ready to attack or counter attack her/his enemy.

How to do Veerasana ?

1. Stand upright with legs joined together and arms by the sides – this is called Tada Asana.
2. Step your left leg forward stretching it as much as you can. Remember that you should be exhaling while stretching the leg.
3. In this position, your back leg, back, neck and both the hands will form a very good arch in this position. You should weighed the body backward and keep the arms near the ears. Also bend the neck downwards.
4. Join both your palms and place the hand on the left knee keeping the right leg straight.
5. Inhale and raise both hands above your head stretching the arms further up.
6. Bend the upper part of your body backwards. Keep in mind that the inner side of upper arms should be touching the ears.
7. Your neck and head should be bent downward – maintain balance of the body. Increase the curvature of the back to the maximum limit.
8. The right leg should still be straight, sole of both feet on the ground.
9. Maintain this position for as long as you can until you don’t fee strain. Increase the duration of this practice gradually.
10. Exhale slowly while straightening your trunk. Slowly bring your body forward and place the hands on the left knee. Gaze to the front.
11. Inhale and bring the hands down, straighten your knee and keep it parallel to right knee. Step back the left leg to stand upright in Tada Asana as you exhale. Straighten the knee and restore the hands to their original place.
12. Relax and perform Veerasana again with your right leg stretched forward.

Things to Consider

1. People suffering from shoulder or neck problems should not perform Veerasana.
2. Be careful while bending backward – the pace should be slow and controlled so that you can maintain the balance otherwise it may be injurious to certain parts of the body. This also saves us from strain.

Benefits of Veerasana

1. Veerasana helps to balance the mind - concentration power increases, you become more aware of the unconscious realms, and feel more relaxed both mentally and physically.
2. People having disturbed or uncontrolled thoughts can practice Veerasana, this pose helps gain clear and precise thinking power.
3. Veerasana is good for the kidneys, liver, reproductive, and abdominal organs health.
4. This asana is recommended to people with lost appetite, it augments digestion.
5. People who practice Veerasana seem more confident and self fulfilled.
6. Veerasana affects circulatory system positively - the joints of the legs, waist, spinal column and neck get curved in opposite direction resulting to the regulation of blood circulation to these joints.
7. Elasticity of spinal column improves leading to its better functioning.
8. Better functioning of digestive system.
9. Veerasana tones thighs and calves, strengthens shoulders, arms and legs.
10. People suffering from digestive problems, constipation and nervous should practice this asana.

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