Kati chakrasana (Spinal Twist Yoga Pose), Kati Chakrasana benefits

Kati chakrasana

Kati chakrasana, meaning waist rotation pose, is best for you if you want to lose unnecessary fat from the waistline and lower abdomen. In Katichakrasana, you will be twisting the waist right and left respectively, the regular practice of which burns the fat giving you a slim, supple and flexible waist. This pose relieves from constipation, and is suggested for school children and people who work in office for longer hours for its positive impact in relieving fatigue, tiredness and stiffness in neck and trunk region. Avoid Katichakrasana if you are pregnant or have any of the problems like hernia, slip disk, spinal injuries, cervical spondylitis. You should not do this asana if you had gone through abdominal surgery in recent past and people with high blood pressure should be cautious during the practice.

How to do Kati chakrasana

1. Begin with Tadasana, stand straight keeping your feet comfortably apart.
2. Inhaling, stretch both arms front of the chest with your palms are facing each other. Distance between the arms should remain constant.
3. Rotate your waist to the right swinging your arms as far as possible while exhaling. Check your breath and maintain this pose as long as you can. Bring your arms before the chest while inhaling.
4. Now rotate your waist to the left swinging your arms as far as possible while exhaling. Check your breath and maintain this pose as long as you can. Bring your arms before the chest while inhaling.
5. This is one cycle. Perform minimum 5 cycles at a time.

Kati Chakrasana Benefits

1. Healthy maintenance of the spinal column.
2. Regular practice of Katichakrasana burns waist and abdominal fat. Enjoy slim, supple and flexible waist. If you are worried about belly fat, practice Katichakrasana everyday and lose fat (weight) in the abdominal region.
3. Flexible spine, neck and back muscle - contraction and expansion in the neck, back, waist and abdominal region massages and tones the muscles in these regions massaging the entire vertebral column.
4. Improves bowel movement, helps cure indigestion and constipation.
5. Strengthened shoulders, neck, arms, back and thighs.
6. While rotating the waist and moving the arms in the same direction, chest expands and oxygen fills the lungs. This yoga pose helps combat asthma, cough, tuberculosis, etc.
7. Eases muscular stiffness and rigidity – people suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer diseases and those with frozen shoulder will be highly benefited.
8. Regulates the production of pancreatic juice, controls diabetes by improving the efficiency of pancreas.
9. Improves kidney efficiency, nervous system, helps fight depression by releasing pranic energy and elevating mood, stimulates Manipura Chakra, cures uterus problems, strengthens lumbar region, strengthens arms and leg muscles, and more.


1. Don’t practice Katichakrasana if you are pregnant.
2. People with hernia, slip disk, spinal injuries, cervical spondylitis and those who have gone through abdominal surgery recently should avoid this asana.
3. If you have high blood pressure, be cautious while practicing Katichakrasana. This practice may cause giddiness and faintness in you.