Tiryaka Tadasana Benefits

Tiryaka Tadasana Benefits

Tiryaka Tadasana, modification of Tadasana, is a standing pose that makes you bend left and right to the extent possible with your arms above your head, straight and the palms fixed to each other and facing upwards. This yoga asana stretches the ribs and side muscles and stretches all the compressed joints above our waist. Due to the stretching of these joints, body fluids like blood, lubricants and nutrients flow more smoothly into these joints resulting to better health and metabolism.

By practicing Tiryaka Tadasana regularly, we can reduce excess fat in and strengthen the sides of the lower back. Practitioner must be aware of the breathing pattern – inhalation and exhalation. If you have a pinched spinal nerve, practising Tiryaka Tadasana may help reduce the pressure but not always. In some cases, it may adversely pinch the nerve more intensely causing more problem. If you suffer from sciatica or have problems related to intervertebral discs, you should be aware of any adverse effects it may cause. Also, practising this asana may cause giddiness in people suffering from spondylitis, high blood pressure and vertigo. If it happens, stop instantly. Otherwise, be cautious and practice the asana in slow movement.

How to do Tiryaka Tadasana

1. Begin with Tadasana, stand straight keeping your feet comfortably apart.
2. Inhaling, stretch both arms front of the chest with your palms are facing each other. Distance between the arms should remain constant.
3. Rotate your waist to the right swinging your arms as far as possible while exhaling. Check your breath and maintain this pose as long as you can.
4. Bring your arms before the chest while inhaling.
5. Now rotate your waist to the left swinging your arms as far as possible while exhaling. Check your breath and maintain this pose as long as you can.
6. Bring your arms before the chest while inhaling.
7. This is one cycle. Perform minimum 5 cycles at a time.


1. Begin with Tadasana.
2. Widen your feet litter more than your shoulders. The toes should be pointing towards the front, spread nicely to make sure that your body weight is evenly distributed between both feet.
3. At this point, bend the knees slightly, tuck your hips under and then straighten the legs.
4. Now, roll your shoulders back, open your chest and raise both arms above the head stretching upwards while inhaling. Your palms should be facing towards each other. You can either
5. From the waist, bend right while exhaling. Hold this position for a few seconds, inhale and get back to the centre while exhaling.
6. Inhale. Now bend left from the waist while exhaling, hold the position for a few seconds, inhale and get back to centre while exhaling.
7. This completes one cycle. Repeat this for 8-10 cycles.
10. To release the pose, exhale while bringing your arms back down and then to both sides.

Benefits of Tiryaka Tadasana

1. Tiryaka Tadasana stretches the spinal joints and muscles. Make your children practice this pose regularly for their linear growth.
2. This asana stretches and contracts the paravertebral muscles – while bending on the right, muscles of the left side stretch and vice versa. People who stay in the same position for longer hours in work or school or anywhere will benefit with this practice – the stretch and contraction of relieves fatigue and tones the muscles.
3. By stretching the joints, we allow fluids and nutrients to flow and nourish them. People suffering from Spondylitis or inflammation of the vertebral joints are benefited with regular practice of Tiryaka Tadasana.
4. While bending in one side, the whole weight of the body tends to be borne by one leg only. By this, the postural muscles on the relevant bones get strong, static pull. In growing children, this internalizes the bones and in elderly people, prevents osteoporosis.
5. Tiryaka Tadasana stimulates peristalsis thus improving digestive function and relieving constipation. Practice Tiryaka Tadasana every morning after drinking a glass of plain warm water to enhance the effect. This asana helps in releasing the gas from the colon by creating pressure and expansion of the abdomen. It is an integral part of Hatha Yoga cleansing practices such as Laghoo and/or Poorna Shankhaprakshalana.
6. By contracting and stretching the muscle that cover the ribcage, Tiryaka Tadasana pumps fresh air into the lungs and expels the air during exhalation. For the benefit of draining mucus from the lateral areas of upper lung, this asana is recommended for people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
7. During contraction, the stagnant blood from kidneys, liver and spleen are squeezed and during the stretch, these organs are pumped with fresh blood improving the efficiency and health of these organs and their functioning.
8. Pregnant women are recommended to practice Tiryaka Tadasana to improve digestion, breathing, backache and general muscular pain.
9. Especially in adolescents and young adults, the asana can correct the misalignment of the vertebral column called scoliosis where the spine adopts a curved `S' shape.


1. While bending sideways, open the top shoulder up towards the sky and bring the lower shoulder forward – this will allow a nice opening in the chest.
2. Your shoulders should drop away from the ears.
3. Every time you bend, try to bend a little further.