Vyaghrasana Benefit

Vyaghrasana Benefit

(Vyaghrasana Benefit, Vyaghrasana Steps, Tiger Pose Yoga Benefits) Vyaghrasana is the Sanskrit word when translated into English means Tiger Pose. This pose resembles stretching the body by a tiger when it wakes up from sleep. By stretching and contracting the spine, this pose loosens the spine, hip and leg joints, and tones the spinal nerves. When you practice Vyaghrasana, you will massage your lower muscles and the organs responsible for digestion, elimination and reproduction; and strengthen the muscles in these areas. Post-pregnancy women should regularly practice Vyaghrasana to tone the reproductive organs and abdominal muscles. If the nature of your job is sitting whole day in chair/table, practice Vyaghrasana to relax your muscles and loosen the spine, hip and leg joints. Healthy professional life can be achieved through regular yoga practice.

How to do Vyagrasana

1. Set yourself in Marjariasana.
2. Inhale while raising your right leg towards the back until it is parallel to the ground.
3. Fold the lower knee slowly bringing it towards the head. Your sole should face towards your back.
4. Turn your neck upward and backward as much as you can.
5. Keep your eyes open focusing between the centre of eyebrows.
6. Balance your body in this position as long as you can.
7. Exhale and bend down your neck at the same time bringing your right knee down.
8. Inhale and bring your right knee between the arms and try to touch the nose with this knee - exhale.
9. Raise your back upwards and hold this position for a while.
10. Now, get to the original Marjariasana placing back your right knee to its initial position and the neck to normal level facing straight.
11. Take a small break in extended child’s pose.
12. Get back to Marjarisana.
13. Repeat the same steps with your left leg; this completes the cycle.
14. Vyaghrasana can be practiced five times initially and you can increase this gradually.
15. Place any soft matter if you realize any knee pain.

Benefits of Vyagrasana

1. Vyaghrasana tones the spinal nerves, relaxes the sciatic nerves and relives sciatica.
2. Regular practice of this pose loosens up the legs, hips, back joints, stretches the abdominal muscles and reduces the weight from hips and thigh.
3. Vyaghrasana tones up the digestive muscles promoting digestion and helping on proper abdominal health.
4. It stimulates blood circulation to the concerned parts of the body.
5. Tones up the vaginal passage after the child delivery and helps you bring your abdomen to its original position.

Be sure that you do not have severe condition of sciatica, hiatus hernia, weak back, slipped disc or serious problems with your wrist or knee joints before beginning Vyaghrasana otherwise this pose will be harmful.